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Jamaica 2009

Sorry for the big gap between last posting! What’s been happening? Well… I was very busy with the end of the season, still have another few shoots before the year is out including a trip to China later this month!

Most recently I was away in Jamaica. Spent a day or so in Spanish Town and then 10 days in Ochi (Ocho Rios) … I loved Jamaica, the people, the food, the weather of course! Going from 30+ everyday to 3/4 degrees here is not fun! Where did I leave that bottle of rum again?!

So as it’s been awhile here are a bunch of point n shoot snaps I took while I was away… the rest are on my facebook page if you’re connected with me on there. If not… click and add me!

Remember, bookings are going well for next year and 2011 but please give me a shout if you need anything doing. I look forward to hearing what you thought about this years work as well!

As you can see Jamaica is full of amazing sights, people and food. I love how the majority live off the land, share produce, and create some great food. Go there, if you know people there or you know people who know people, hook up with them from day one and see the real Jamaica, not the safe all inclusive hotel boundaries Jamaica. Otherwise, do some tours… stay safe but enjoy yourself.

Oh if you’re reading this and think I should practice my point n shoot technique, and would like to send me off travelling from time to time, then get in touch 😀

April 5, 2010 - 05:00

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