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As many of you know, I also give one to one photography lessons to individuals looking to get to grips with the basics of photography, for example how to use flash correctly to avoid unsightly shadows , and more advanced techniques.

Personally, I hate sticking my head in a fat text book and trying to learn, I’d much rather get out there and practice. So my approach is to spend time talking with a student, explaining the techniques from a real life viewpoint and then putting it into practice!

Had a great session on Monday with a new photographer trying to get the most out of her Sony Alpha digital slr. She had a background in film cameras and a real good eye for an image but wanted to really “focus” on getting her flash usage correct and to get her head around the “science” of aperture, shutter speeds, ISO and manual settings. Turns out she did pretty good the other side of the camera too!

Here’s one tip from the session… Might take some thought if you’re newer to flash photography: You can bounce your flash off a surface… even outdoors. (But not from the sky, that’s stupid!)

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