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Enjoyed a day on assignment in Bradford earlier this month with Redhawk Logistica. Here’s a bit about them taken from their site:

Redhawk Logistica is a new agency that engages with civic space issues and reports on contemporary urban phenomena. Much of the work takes the form of low tech, unannounced interventions that exist (and persist) as subliminal influences within public spaces. Planned activities and interventions are created with others, from professionals to amateurs, members of the general public to special interest groups, many of whom will have a motivation driven by specific civic issues. We record interventions, which often have a second life through documentation and dissemination as print or online.

Go check out the rest at

The project is part of a larger exhibition which you can read about at

The project in particular I can’t show you but will be exhibited in Bradford later this week, further details to follow! For now check out this link for more information on the exhibition

You can read more about it at this link and go check that out! It should give you food for thought!

It turned out to be a challenging but very rewarding assignment. I work with my own style and technique which has matured over 15 years but this assignment meant “getting into the mind” of another artist to bring his vision to reality. I had to consider myself part “tool” part “artist” at times. Really great fun. Thanks to Redhawk Logistica and the team from Bradford University who helped us immensely.

For now a few photographs from the day, just to give you a glimpse of what was involved and the team behind the day.

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