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Most shots on this site were taken using natural light; some inside by a window, some inside houses, some out in the city streets. Some were shot in studios with studio lighting.

My only concern is making the best image. You can depend on me and my gear, but in some countries not always on the weather.

I am happy to shoot indoors or outdoors. In your home, at a studio, or on location.

Do you use film or digital?

What is most important is you getting the best image possible. I am more than equipped to do this.

I started my professional career working in medium format, using Mamiya cameras mainly. Then I used Nikon professional gear for many years and now, for what it’s worth… I use Fujifilm and Nikon. I have a lot of film cameras still, for my own private work and fun!

If I could get results shooting on toast I’d use toast (wholemeal bread), I’m only interested in getting the best results. For the record, for the grumpy photographer types reading this… Canon make great gear too, and no doubt others too.

What can you do then?

Weddings, fashion, beauty, head shots for actors and models, products, corporate events, music shows, and parties!

Are you imposing and loud?

As a kid I hated the loud, bossy wedding photographer…. I still hate that… so I’m  quiet and unassuming.

I get the job done without becoming the focus of attention.

I don’t have enough money.

Get someone to invest in you, go busking, sell your car, skip a meal. For a small outlay you get what you need and more… your face, your personality, charm, wit, and panache… all ready to be printed as large as a wall or as small as a key ring with the power to make people stop and gasp.

Do you give student/ nus/ oap/ luncheon voucher discounts?

I offer the best price as it is but if you’re desperate please tell me your budget and I’ll see what can be done.

How long will it take?

Depends what you’re after… if it’s a wedding you can book me for anything up to the whole day, if it’s a portrait shoot it can be up to 4 hours.

Whatever I need to get the results within the time limit agreed, I don’t rush off, or watch the clock. We can take our time and you can relax.

Where does it take place?

It can be at your home, on location, at a hired studio, a park, around the city.. on the beach if you fancy.

Whatever the weather, we’ll get the shots you need. If you want to do it abroad, I have two passports at the ready.

Can I have the high-resolution files of my shots on Disc?

Yes, for a fee of around £275 this is not a problem. These images come without watermark or borders unless requested.

How should I prepare for the shoot?

Don’t get drunk the night before and do try to have a good night’s sleep. Don’t cut your hair the day before – do it a week in advance if possible, to allow your hair to settle.

Bring simple tops, medium to dark. Simplicity is the key. Bring some with texture and some interesting collars or necklines. If you’re unsure, bring it.

Ps… the important, possibly less interesting, bit:

I am fully insured and CRB checked. I use professional equipment and have back up equipment to avoid disappointment following technical failures… however so far not even British Weather has beaten me!

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